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Adult Business Showers is a competitive program that finds and assist new business owners who have recently started a business; and, need people and financial support.  Finalists compete during a 12-week course in hopes of being one of the top businesses/non-profits to win a Business Shower.  During the Business Shower Event, honorees that have won will have an official business launch where we will introduce them to the business community.  Additionally,  they will have a "business registry reveal," ribbon cutting, food, and networking opportunities as they are celebrated at a large-scale community event in July.  Participants are also connected with businesses, corporations, and partners who will continue to be a resource for them and their growing businesses. 

We support youth in grades 3rd-12th who have a passion and desire for entrepreneurship.   We believe in pouring into those who will be instrumental to our future success.  This program is ran concurrently with our adult business showers.  However, the curriculum is tailored and developmentally designed for each age group. 


The Annual Trailblazer Award of Service is provided for a dedicated senior within our community who has shown a sustained commitment to supporting the business community through their support or direct entrepreneurial efforts. Honorees must reside in Mecklenburg County. Business Showers honors  up to 3 Trailblazers each year during The Annual Business Showers and Networking Event. 

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More information coming soon regarding our wonderful holiday celebration!

The Annual Hero Service Award recognizes members of our service community who have shown a dedication to serving and protecting at an exemplary level in our community. Our uniformed honoree is someone vested in the community as, not only a valued hero but a small business owner, as well. 

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