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Q: Do I have to be in Charlotte, NC to receive a business shower?

A:  No. although we predominantly serve the Charlotte area as long as you reside within the United States you can be showered. We will have our next in-person shower on July 19th & 20th, 2024. Out-of-state entrepreneurs can apply but are responsible for their own travel.


Q: I am a minor but have a business, can I get a business shower?

A: Yes. We love our kidprenuers, and are excited since we launched our first kid cohort in July 2022.  We are so excited about how well it went that we are continuing this program.


Q: I am not a new business, but I need help.  Do I qualify for a business shower?

A: At this time, business showers are only available for new businesses or non-profits who have not yet launched or have launched and is 2 year or less in business. If you have a legal entity but have not officially launched you will need to provide proof of your first date of business.  See our program qualifications to find out more.


Q: If I do not get selected for the next business shower, can I apply again?

A: Absolutely and we encourage it!  

Q: Does this cost me any money?

A: Finalists accepted in our program pay a 1x registration fee of $35, that's it!.   Our honorees give back in time, service, or donations.

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