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How Do I Qualify?


To qualify for The Freedom In Me Business Showers program, applicants must meet the

following criteria: pre-venture, a sole proprietor, For-profit or non-profit organization.  In addition, the following Program requirements must be met:



1.1 Pre-Ventures who have not started a business, For-profit and non-profit organizations that operated for one year or less. This qualifier is verified using the Office of The Secretary of State to determine when and if a legal filing was made.

1.2 LLC holders who filed with the secretary of state but did not renew their LLC filing would qualify.  You would need to show proof of the current year's taxes and could not have been operating outside of the LLC longer than 1 year.

1.3 Applicants who filed an LLC but have not been active in business since filing. Business owners must show proof of inactivity through personal or business taxes.

Activity is assessed in accordance with the LLC's filing date not exceeding two years. In addition, revenue should not exceed $10,000 for the 2-year period. A signed affidavit attesting to inactivity is also required.

1.4 Sole proprietorships that have operated for more than one year are subject to the rule in criteria 1.3



2.1 Applicants will sit for a panel interview to determine their commitment and readiness for a twelve-week training program. 

2.2 Business Shower Board will review any special circumstances outside of the above criteria and can approve or deny applicants through a vote if any special circumstances are present.

Hey Freedom, It's Me!


Honorees will participate in a competitive professional coaching program that provides high-level business development training.

All honorees will be awarded a Business Shower and a standard business shower package, which includes the following services if needed:  


  • Legal Business Entity filing & Covered Fees associated with filing

  • Single-Page Website Design fees are covered

  • Professional Headshot & Brand photo

  • Business Logo created & all  fees associated with design

  • Business Card Design & all fees associated with the design

  • Small Business Banking 101 (Banking partner)

  • Small Business Payroll & timekeeping (payroll partner)

  • Intro to CPA (CPA partner)

Business Showers operates as a competitive program where awards extend beyond the standard package, but are granted according to performance and ranking within the program.

Honorees can receive industry-related gifts OR cash incentives (depending on availability).

Business Shower gifts are announced annually in July during the Business Shower event.  Awards are contigent on deliverables pre and post Business Showers being met and are processed within 90 days post the Business Shower Events. 



The only fee associated with our program is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $35.00.  This flat fee is due within two weeks of being accepted as a finalist or before the first day of the program start.  (Whichever comes first)


Our recruitment efforts will be directed primarily to residents of Charlotte, North Carolina and its surrounding communities. However, this program is open to all businesses in the United States. If you are selected to be an honoree, all expenses related to travel and lodging are the honoree’s responsibility.




Recipients must commit to attending/competing in a twelve (12) week business training course to compile and pitch a fund-ready business plan; Attendance is required, including Saturdays. 


Recipients are required to participate in our community vote program by spreading the word  about their business to family, friends, and within their communities; then obtaining votes for their business during the community vote campaign(s)


As part of the Freedom In Me Business Showers program, each recipient must also commit to attending a two-day event. (Business Shower) To be eligible to receive business gifts, recipients must attend the events from July 19th, 2024, through July 20, 2024, and all post-business shower training. (Typically four (4) weeks post the Business Shower Event)


Recipients are expected to give back to the Business Shower Program.

We refer to this as "The Giving Circle," and you can contribute by either volunteering at an event, in a training, completing a task, or making financial contributions to The Freedom In Me Business Showers.  The ways to give are endless, just ask. 


Recipients must cooperate with all post-follow-up surveys, calls, or requests to track business progress. 

(EX: Business Shower exit interview, six (6) months, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year post-business showers). 


Recipients must cooperate with any post-follow-up surveys, calls, or requests from Freedom In Me Business Showers to track business progress. We use this data to compete for funding for our recipients so they will continue receiving our free services. 

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