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Freedom In Me Business Showers is a 501c3 non-profit which equips early-stage small businesses with free business plans, loan & grant writing expertise, and dynamic professional business development training. But that’s not all—picture a Business Shower uniting communities to empower these ventures with resources and additional funding!

The Business Shower event features

Celebration!  Collaboration!  Networking! Philanthropy!

we have baby showers?

why not business showers?


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How to Apply



To increase the success rate for small business owners within the first three years of business by combating some of the top reasons new businesses fail: lack of training, money and people resources, marketing strategies and business plans.  


Business Showers partners with our community to identify and sponsor startup businesses and non-profits. Our community-giving program is designed to "Connect new businesses to people and resources."

It is our hope that by "gifting" rising entrepreneurs with the skills, services and support needed for a solid foundation, we will build stronger and more financially sound communities. Small businesses will be successful far beyond the first critical three years in business. Why? ...because the community comes together to create new opportunities for one another, our families; and society at large through strengthening the small business community.

Business Showers Board


Donja Williams

Founder & Exectutive Director

Sadie headshot.jpeg

Sadie Singleton

Executive Board Member


Glenda Teichmer

Executive Board Member


Rodney Jackson

Executive Board Member

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