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Honoree Success Stories

2023 Honorees

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Tequia Williams

  • LinkedIn

Hello!I'm Tequia Williams, CEO of Jexsii.Ask me about my premier, personal invention, Jagid: the multi-functional, flexible, detangling tool. I'd like to tell you why Jagid is the top hand-tool for 4-Ctresses, and unlike any other hair tool you've seen.

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The Crow Heal Project

Brittny Ellington

  • Instagram

Hello!I'm Brittny Ellington,Founder & Executive Director ofThe Crow Heal Project.Do you know your ACEs score? Ask me about the impact of ACEs on youth, and how my organization has positioned itself to bring public awareness of the effects of trauma, and provide tools for health professionals, while using "the arts" to support youth in recovery.

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Ruby Durham

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

I'm Ruby Durham,
Ask me about getting on
my mailing list to be the
first in line for the release
of new, limited-edition and
timeless designs for
professional women.
May I suit you for

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PerliClear Beauty

Rebecca Keith

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

I'm Rebecca Keith,
CEO of PerliClear Beauty.
Ask me about our 
sustainable, eco- friendly candles and why they are the best choice for your home or office. Let me share with you why our competitors can't hold a candle to us.

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Blue Lotus Village

Shireika Talford

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

I'm Shireika Talford,
CEO of Blue Lotus Village.
Ask me about how I can support your holistic wellness journey with natural, holistic remedies and supportive services. Do you know someone who suffers from chronic inflammation?

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The Fete Regal

Krishana Oxner

I'm Krishana Oxner,
CEO of The Fete Regal
Ask me how I can help you

elevate your champagne-
worthy events with my

sophisticated, beautiful
and delicious desserts.

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Soulful Blessings Catering

Sharon Watkins

I'm Sharon Watkins
CEO of Soulful Blessings Catering.
Please ask me how I can exceed your culinary expectations with soulful food that will tango with your taste buds. Why? Because... I love what I do, for who I do it for!

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Savvy Flipping & Design

Alexua McDougal

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

I'm Alexua McDougal,
CEO of Savvy Flipping & Design.
Ask me why it's important to
me to provide affordable housing to single parents, and ways that you can partner with me to make a lasting impact on families for generations to come.

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By Faith Salon

Linda Phillips

  • Instagram

I'm Linda Phillips.
CEO of By Faith Salon.
I love beautifying women who are survivors of domestic 
abuse, and uplifting their self- esteem. Ask me why I do what I do, and how you can help.

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One Source Logistics Solutions

Sharon Thompson

I'm Sharon Thompson,
CEO of One Source Logistics Solutions. Ask me how I plan to revolutionize the commercial driving industry, by offering services that support independent and commercial drivers.

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Solve the Conflict

Dr.Judith Belton

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

I'm Dr. Judith Belton,
CEO of Solve the Conflict

Ask me about trauma-
informed leadership

development services, and
how my organization can
facilitate effective business
relationships across all
organizational levels.

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Zemer Entertainment Group

Zina Bennett

  • Instagram

I'm Zina Bennett,
CEO of Zemer
Entertainment Group.
Ask me for my business
card! I'm ready to set the
perfect mood for your
special event through a
broad style of musical

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Hatch + Nest

Dominique Jackson

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

I'm Dominique Jackson,
CEO of Hatch + Nest.
Ask me about my new platform and the comprehensive service options that I offer to support new moms.

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Paint Bae

Angela Scales

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

I'm Angela Scales,
CEO of Paint Bae.
Ask me about my customized art services and how you can enjoy amazing social and emotional benefits through creative expression.

2023 Youth Honorees

Chris_tiana Bennett_edited.jpg

Shot By Chrissy B.

Chris'tiana Bennett

I'm Chris'tiana Bennett,
CEO of Shot By Chrissy B.
Do you have a memorable event that you'd like to preserve and enjoy for years 
to come? I can make that happen. Ask me how you can "get shot" by Chrissy B.

Wisdom Walker_edited.jpg

Sweet Designs

Wisdom Walker

I'm Wisdom Walker,
CEO of Sweet Designs.
Are you tired of website templates?

Well, I'm a "Boss" who can write web-
code to your extreme satisfaction.

Ask me how I got started doing that!
Need a website? Let's connect!

Lauren Kennedy Brown_edited.jpg

The Ultimate Vending Company

Kennedy Brown


I'm Lauren Kennedy Brown.
CEO of The Ultimate Vending Company. Ask me about the products and services provided by my company through accessible and affordable vending options in school, work or community spaces.

2022 Honorees

Get SWOLE w/ Deb

Deborah Omolewu

  • LinkedIn

Get Swole with Deb empowers people to live healthy, active, and confident lives through physical activity and by providing customized nutrition plans.


Loves Vendor Circle

Nika Love

  • Instagram

A creative visionary who uses skill and drive to bring client vision and events to life. We collaborate with a network of vendors to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to incorporate them into your event. We do this through Smiles, Joy, Utter Happiness, and most importantly Total Customer Satisfaction. Welcome to Love's Vendor Circle-Where we keep it Simple but Classy. 


AAAlways An Open Door

Renee Johnson

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

AAAlways an Open Door provides pregnant young women ages 14-19 with a safe and nurturing environment by offering shelter, mentorship, and life readiness skills. Our goal is to improve their mental health and quality of life and develop life skills for independence. 


askBelynda, LLC

Irete Hamdini

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

askBelynda helps environmentally-minded consumers find & buy high-quality, reliable sustainable products. Customers get recommendations for the right products, at the right time, and with all of the information required to make the right purchasing decision. 


Overcross Counseling & Equine Services

Kimberly Whayne

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Overcross Counseling and Equine Services, OCES, provides mental health services to individuals, families, and groups. This alternative form of therapy utilizes the horse as a co-facilitator during the sessions as clients identify problematic areas in their lives, develop and learn healthy coping skills and techniques, and connect with proper resources. We desire to be the over cross for our community as they maintain improved mental health.


Being Fairley Fit Wellness

Ariel Fairley

Being Fairley Fit Wellness is a fully equipped licensed wellness spa that specializes in helping working women prioritize their self-care and wellness. Our mission is to create an intimate setting where our customers can distress and free themselves of the worries of their day-to-day life.


Siztahood, LLC

Deborah Lee

SiztaHood LLC is a life coaching business that coaches middle-aged women between the ages of 25-50 into finding purpose and clarity by making life decisions and conquering their goals, becoming the BOSS women they are called to be through one-on-one and group coaching.


Cover Me In Love

Latricha Hamilton

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Cover Me in Love by Trice is an Online Boutique that specializes in quality apparel, accessories, and courses for faith-based individuals. We create products such as T-shirts, travel bags, and accessories that offer creativity, durability, comfort, and style. We want our customers to feel inspired, and confident and have a good giggle to their soul while wearing apparel that represents who they are, whether faith-based or culture conscious. 


Seph Crafts, LLC

Sephora Thelismom

  • Instagram

Seph Crafts' mission is to help people who are constantly on the go prioritize three tasks that must be completed daily while encouraging self-care. 


Better Bodies 4 Us

Charleszetta Ford

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

BB4Us offers a variety of fitness services and products that are anchored on helping the community improve their health and wellness. We focus on promoting overall healthy lifestyles, nutritional and literacy education, and providing a fun experience when exercising with our certified professionals. 

2022 Youth Honorees



Briana Moore

Briuxury helps women ages 18-30 by using natural handmade products to help their skin look healthy, feel soft, and be pampered. We use natural handmade products like serums and body butter; which promote healthy skin, as well as give your skin the nutrients it needs.  Our goal is to ensure that women can feel good in their skin no matter their skin type while keeping their skin clean, refreshed, and glowing.


Squeeze The Juice

Jurnee Bush

Squeeze The Juice creates delicious lemonade made with fresh and simple ingredients that will spark happiness for juice lovers to make our world a better place.


Prestige Exterior Cleaning 

Xavier Rhodes

Prestige Exterior Cleaning is a company that specializes in exterior homeowner maintenance. Our focus is on power washing and cleaning trash can receptacles for homeowners.  Prestige Exterior cleaning's goal is to relieve you from stress and time while we do the dirty work.  We want every homeowner to have peace of mind when it comes to their home's sanitation and appearance.


K's Lash Bar

Makayla Alston

K’s Lash Bar offers lash services for women and men. We offer 1:1 consultations and also 1:1 services to bring out the structure of your eyes. We strive to be an exclusive beauty service to encourage the confidence and inner beauty of everyone who experiences the t K’s Lash Bar touch.


Hot Sparks Electronics

Samuel Bailey

Hot Sparks Electronics serves the community, primarily focusing on 25-35-year-old adults through providing resold, refurbished and repaired electronic devices to restore a sense of security and relief for the customer. 

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